2000.11.23 20:06 "Using libtiff without reading from a file", by Wolfram Bettermann

2000.11.24 13:32 "Re: [Re: Using libtiff without reading from a file]", by Wolfram Bettermann

Joris, Alex, Leonhard,

thanks for discussing this topic so deeply, I appreciate that.

Somehow I'm lost. Can I now use TIFFClientOpen to pass a memory blob to libtiff, and use TIFFRGBA to get it decoded or do I have to use ImageMagick (thanks, Leonhard!)

The only problem with passing a blob of memory to libtiff using TIFFOpen I saw was that libtiff uses internally a "tif" handle to an internal data structure, and without doing I/O first I would not have the internal structure filled correctly with all the information libtiff expects. And while researching that problem I could not believe that an *imaging* library like libtiff expects you to do I/O first, before you do the task the name imaging library stands for.

I try to avoid to use another wrapper like ImageMagick, when I only need a powerful lib like libtiff is for decoding various flavours of tiff images.