2013.02.13 22:03 "[Tiff] 32 bit to 16bit conversion", by james wells

2013.02.14 15:08 "Re: [Tiff] 32 bit to 16bit conversion", by Bob Friesenhahn

It's a 32 bit float, a hightmap, and I need to convert it to a 16 bit float, so hopefully it's not as painful?

I'll take a look at ILM's half library when I get home, looks interesting, hopefully not too out of my league.

There are also C-language implementations of 16-bit 'Half' in GraphicsMagick and in littlecms (lcms). Both of these are offered under a liberal (MIT/X11) license.

OpenEXR is quite large and primarily written in C++ so using it just for Half support would be painful.

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