2004.08.26 17:19 "[Tiff] tiff2ps converts short faxes to bottom of a letter", by Ekkard Gerlach

2004.08.26 19:27 "Re: [Tiff] tiff2ps converts short faxes to bottom of a letter", by Ross A. Finlayson

Problem with faxes (received by hylafax, faxgetty) that contain
  * only few lines of text
  * more than one page
like http://www.aiai.de/fax00058.tif

tiff2ps -a fax00058.tif > fax.ps converts this tiff to a ps-file with each document placed at the botton of the letter. But it should be placed the top or middle.

Sorry, I can't detect version of my tiff2ps! tiff2ps -h or something like this responds not with a version. I'm using Suse8.2 Linux distribution.

My aim is to generate a pdf-document. ps2pdf is the next step. BTW: fax2ps is no solution because the result after ps2pdf is not readable /fuzzy when using acrobat reader (Linux and Windows). xpdf or kghostview make no problems, but Win-user should read the documents, too.

Hi Ekkard,

I can't tell you too much about tiff2ps. In looking at the man page, there is a -c option to center the image on the page if you provide it with -w and -h options for width and height.

If you are using HylaFAX, then if you want to use libtiff with version greater than 3.6 then I think you need to get a patch for either HylaFAX or libtiff from HylaFAX. Search for "HylaFAX libtiff 3.6.1". I don't use HylaFAX so I can't tell you much more about it, although I could continue indefinitely, but I think the issue is about the Group III fax coding. Anyways from what I understand there is a patch for one of HylaFAX or libtiff to enable working with the current versions of libtiff and HylaFAX together.


If you use the current version of libtiff then you could use tiff2pdf to go directly to PDF, it's efficient. I tried it on your sample image, it places the fax image on the center of the page. You can set the page size or width and height. The tiff2pdf program does not have the tiff2ps option to split an image onto several pages, for example an extended fax page. The tiff2pdf might have added an option for fax detection based upon the resolutions 204 x 196 or 204 x 98, but the page length is variable, there are some standard dimensions of the fax pages, and they vary. If you need it immediately you could enlist me for commercial support of the freeware, MIT-style license, tiff2pdf from libtiff. Also I'll be happy to do that.

There are some fine commercial products that might solve your problem, and add thumbnails, linearization, annotations, and encryption, for example DaVince's or FastIO's tiff2pdf, at least one of which uses libtiff, or my own ImagePDF software, which uses libtiff, or any of the dozens of other TIFF to PDF programs available freely or for money, some few of which run on non-Windows platforms.

I'm not sure what the status is on the HylaFAX <-> libtiff compatibility. It is unclear.

You can use the -c option to center the image on the page with dimensions set with the -h and -w options in inches using tiff2ps.


Ross F.