2004.09.13 11:15 "[Tiff] help needed - adding Annotated text", by Sonaye Chandan

2004.09.13 15:56 "Re: [Tiff] help needed - adding Annotated text", by Jay Berkenbilt

I need to add an annotated text to an TIFF image. The program will get the input like Path of the TIFF file, Text to be written, and where to write.

I can not use any ActiveX control as the code has to run on Solaris. How can I do this using libtiff?

If by "annotated text" you mean that you want to render text onto the raster image, you can't do that directly using libtiff. You can use FreeType to do that. FreeType is easiest to use from an image processing package (e.g. ImageMagick or GraphicsMagick) which supports annotating with text from the command line.

There's some annotation function used by that Windows Imaging thing. It stores annotations in tag 32932. I believe the tool refers to them as annotations. This, rather than burning text onto the image, is probably what the original poster is refering to. I don't know of any non-Windows application that can view them, but I haven't looked that hard.

There is some information about this at this URL which I found, believe it or not, by doing a google search on 32932.


There's a link from there to a spec for these annotations:


I've never used this myself, but I've often received tiff files annotated in this way by Windows people who put annotations in with Windows Imaging and then thought the rest of the world would be able to see them. :-/

Jay Berkenbilt <ejb@ql.org>