2000.06.28 11:55 "Problem with libtiff under Windows", by Jonathan Potter

2000.06.28 02:52 "Re: Problem with libtiff under Windows", by Frank Warmerdam

The test images that fail are:

jim___ah.tif - appears as random jumble of black and white squares
smalliz.tif - appears as a solid green square
zackthecat.tif - appears as a solid green square with a blue/black checkerboard pattern at the top

In addition to this, quad-jpeg.tif actually causes the program to crash (c0000005 error under Windows). The only way I have found to prevent it from crashing on this image is to change the following line at the top of the gtStripConfig function in tif_getimage.c:


I tried doing a tiff2rgba for the above on Linux and got the following results:

In short, I think the jim___ah.tif problems is Windows specific. I suspect the small_liz, and zackthecat problems are because they are old style JPEG files, and therefore they aren't intended to work.

The quad-jpeg seems to be uncovering some sort of problem with the jpeg linkage, though this might be a misconfiguring of jpeg support on my part. Could you easily recompile your libjpeg code to turn on assertions to see if you get the same message? Perhaps it really is a buffer overrun.

If no one else has useful information on these problems I am willing to work with you to resolve them. Poke me if you don't hear anything in a couple of days.

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