2009.04.01 15:03 "[Tiff] Needs help on Jpeg7 compression & decompression for tiff images", by Sanjeev Balachander


I am currently working on implementing the JPEG 7 compression for tiff images and encountered few difficulties in implementing the same. Needs some help on resolving it.

Currently if we look into the tiff image using binary image editor we can see that the JPEG 7 compression information is appearing in 2 different places one pointed by tag 273 Stripoffsets and other by tag 347 known as JPEGTables. In 347 we have global slots JPEGTables information and tag 273 contains offset to the other image information. Now i am not sure how to take these 2 information before putting on to the JPEG De-compressor. Do i need to take both of them? or i can ignore any one of them?

Also i am facing the problem of putting the image information to the JPEG tables when compressing the image. What steps do i have to take for putting these data when placing them on JPEGTables(Tag 347) and the image data (Placed in offeset of tag 273)?

Kindly provide me some information on these if any one know about it.


Balachander, Sanjeev