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2003.06.18 21:59 "libtiff-3.6.0-beta2 released", by Andrey Kiselev
2003.06.19 17:35 "Re: libtiff-3.6.0-beta2 released", by Steve Dekorte
2003.06.19 20:14 "Re: libtiff-3.6.0-beta2 released", by Andrey Kiselev
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2003.07.25 17:46 "LIBTIFF mailing list moved", by Andrey Kiselev
2003.07.25 13:20 "[Tiff] New List Launched", by Frank Warmerdam
2003.07.28 13:00 "Re: LIBTIFF mailing list moved", by Darren Nickerson

2003.06.18 21:59 "libtiff-3.6.0-beta2 released", by Andrey Kiselev

Hello, folks,

libtiff 3.6.0-beta2 has been released today. Both gzipped tarball and ZIP archive available at

LZW compression kit synchronized with actual libtiff version and available at

Best regards,

Andrey V. Kiselev

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