1994.02.10 19:32 "LibTIFF working on MS-Windows 3.1.", by Soren Pingel Dalsgaard

1994.02.10 19:32 "LibTIFF working on MS-Windows 3.1.", by Soren Pingel Dalsgaard

Good News! (for some, anyway :-)

I have been toying with LibTIFF for a long time, but three days ago I took a serious look at the problems in generating LZW compressed pictures and other possible obstructions. My boss i paying me to do so, and then we though we would let YOU be beta-testers if you would like.

The following changes has been made to the library:

I have the sources here, but would like them to be tested out before merging them with the original libtiff library. The last two changes would be nice to have in the original library as well.

BUT: where can I put these files for the public?

Please note that the compilation was done using Microsoft C/C++ 8.0 (Visual) and the makefile included (makefile.win) generates a libtiffw.lib suitable for linking into a Windows DLL. It is not itself a DLL.

For those of you who have tries WINTIFF6.ZIP, we found that this library is a little bit faster (possibly because it is linked directly into the DLL and not called as a DLL) except for LZW compression which is approx. 40% faster.

I you are interested in testing this piece of software, please let me know.

I get a lot of crap mail from a mailing list that I can't seem to get my name deleted from. Please mention LIBTIFFW or LIBTIFF.DLL or something similar in the subject of the letter. If not, you'll risk that the letter goes to /dev/nul before I read it.


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