2003.01.29 12:53 "tiffcp problems", by Ray Pixley

2003.02.04 08:55 "Re: tiffset.exe instructions (was Re: tiffcp problems)", by Andrey Kiselev

Hi, Ray,

Your right on the link address. But I might have found another, and perhaps better way. There's a program in libtiff distribution called tiffset.exe. Unfortunately, there are no instructions or help files. Executing it with no parameters results in some very terse instructions. I then tried using it to change the photometric interpretation from 1 to 0, but tiffinfo says it was changed to a big number. Consequently, either I need a more complete instruction set or I must conclude it doesn't work. Does anyone have a set of instructions for tiffset.exe?

tiffset tool is not complete application, it is just a sample source code to show users how to do tag changing. Maybe at some point it will became real useful utility, but right now you should add required functionality by yourself.


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