1994.10.11 06:11 "Postscript to TIFF conversion", by Bobb Rosborough

1994.10.13 21:28 "Re: Postscript to TIFF conversion", by Christoph Strozyk

> Postscript to TIFF?

You may wish to check out Ghostscript from Aladdin Enterprises, available as GNU Ghostscript 2.6 (under the GNU licence), or as Aladdin Ghostscript (current version is 3.12). The latter supports Postscript Level 2 but must be licensed if it is to be used for commercial purposes. Both are able to convert a Postscript file into a multi-image TIFF-G3 (at least, not sure about G4).

I wrote a tiff driver for Ghostscript which uses libtiff and supports any compression libtiff provides. Please send further questions on this to chris@quicksys.net.


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