2002.06.12 13:38 "Is Tiff Library supports Alpha Channel?", by Shan

2002.06.14 10:46 "Re: Is Tiff Library supports Alpha Channel?", by Shan

I would like to know whether the Tiff Library supports Alpha Channel? If the answer is no, is there any alternatives?

Yes. It depends on the planar config how they are stored.

Thanks for your quick reply. Could you please explain me the planar config in detail or please direct me to a site which explains about this.

My actual requirement is,

I have to uncompress a Tiff-CMYK image (which has alpha channel). And then convert to jpeg (using libjpeg). This is working fine for Tiff-CMYK, RGB, Greyscale. But the problem I am facing is when the image contains Alpha Channel.

So my first task is to uncompress a tiff-cmyk (which has alpha channel) using libtiff.

Thanks again