2002.08.20 07:31 "memory allocation", by Peter Majer

2002.08.21 20:47 "Re: OT: large memory allocation in Windows", by Peter Nielsen

>How about a memory mapped file? Could that possibly give you a
>linear "pointer space" of 2GB or maybe even more? Of course the file >would
not be completely mapped at all times, but maybe it would do the >trick...
(Just a crazy idea. I don't know if it would work at all...).

Used this years ago on some Sun1 Sparcstation with 8MB of memory. The C-calls were the "fseek, fread, fwrite" family, but disk is quite slow compared to on line memory. I recall a story of using memory on another Sparc over the network as this was faster than local disk access. OK, in those days everything was faster than a disk :)

I was thinking more along the lines of using the operating system level memory mapping offered by Windows. This is supposed to be pretty efficient and work very much like virtual memory with frequently used areas kept in RAM. What I do not know is what kind of limitations Windows puts on memory mapped files :-)

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