1994.02.05 20:41 "Displaying large tiff files in Win3.1/Borland3.1", by Alen Shapiro

I'm now trying to get the tiff library to work with large (>64kb) (256*256*8bits) images. Borland 3.1 manual says that Windows 3.1 does not support the huge memory model, consequently my image data segment wraps at 64k and I can't pass a pointer to the huge image to a Device Independent Bitmap function and have it display the image with a BitBlt operation. Borland are less than helpful...they now want money to provide this kind of information. I don't have money, nor time to mess with them. Can anyone out there suggest how I might display my large tif images.

I have my program working up to the 64k boundary.


--alen... trying to turn a SPARC into a FLAME