2002.11.08 14:58 "bits/sample & Old-style JPEG", by Frank Sijbers

2002.11.08 14:58 "bits/sample & Old-style JPEG", by Frank Sijbers


I'm trying to convert some tiff-images I receive after an scan and OCR operation. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to work.

Apparently I have two problems:

1.Compression Scheme: Old-style JPEG

Some tiff-files have an unsupported compression: Old-Style JPEG

I can’t figure out how to get of that. Does anybody know a tool that remove-unpack- uncompress these images

2. Bits/Sample: 8

If I convert jpg to tiff (with imagemagick) and try to use compression, I can’t do this because I get a warning: Bits/sample must be 1 for Group 3/4 encoding/decoding.

Is there a method to reduce the bits/sample?

Can anybody help me out or at least show me some directions where to start looking?



(PS I’m sorry if this messages arrives in HTML, I have to use a webmail client.)