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2002.08.21 22:37 "Tag Dump Utility", by Vernon Woodward
2002.08.22 07:34 "RE: Tag Dump Utility", by Luc Van Asch
2002.08.22 15:16 "RE: Tag Dump Utility", by Sam Gilcrist
2002.08.22 20:53 "RE: Tag Dump Utility", by Gennady Khokhorin

2002.08.22 20:53 "RE: Tag Dump Utility", by Gennady Khokhorin

very simple tag viewer for Win2K (c++ source code available):

Gennady Khokhorin
Software Developer,
AeroMap US, Intl

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From: Sam Gilcrist [] Sent: Thursday, August 22, 2002 7:16 AM To: 'Luc Van Asch';

Thanks for the tip. I was just at the point of having to write one, which would probably have been fun, but...

R. Sam Gilcrist

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You could try the TagsViewer ( Regards,

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Van: Woodward, Vernon L []
Verzonden: donderdag 22 augustus 2002 0:37
Onderwerp: Tag Dump Utility

Does anyone have a utility that will dump the TIFF and GeoTIFF tags?

Vernon Woodward