1994.05.31 22:33 "DOS/Windows executables", by Tom Albright

Although not new to computing, I am a beginner to computer graphics and TIFF in particular. If I say something dumb, please educate me; this is my first post to this group. I've searched many FTP sites, and have not found what I'm looking for - MSDOS/Windows TIFF executables in the newer versions (v3.0 or higher). I have found version 2.0 (dtiff.zip) at many sites, and those same sites have the source code for the higher versions but the higher versions are not available already compiled. I've looked through the code and found MSDOS routines so I know version 3+ can be ported to DOS. The problem is I do not have the software, the facilities, or the expertise to compile them myself.

If available, would someone point me to them? Thanks

-Tom Albright