1994.07.04 12:22 "Help about tiffcp", by Carlos Biscione


We would like to make a batch convertion of a set of TIFF images (bilevel) in any format (Group 3, Group 4, LZW, Pack Bits, etc). to CCITT Group 4 Fascimile encoding. So far we had have apply "tiffcp" tool v.1.19, the command used is as follow: "tiffcp -g4 -rowsperstrip 3300 -ignore <source> <target>".

With the results some viewers (xtiff, xv v.3.00, etc) show striping that distort the image.

The question is: why tiffcp provokes this distortion?, could there be lost of data?.

Does anyone have any ideas on how best to solve this?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Carlos Biscione
Leonardo Carbone
Luis Marval.