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2001.01.03 16:09 "NeXT tiffs", by Dale Amon
2001.01.04 14:00 "Re: NeXT tiffs", by Helge Blischke
2001.01.04 14:07 "Re: NeXT tiffs", by Dale Amon
2001.01.05 11:40 "Re: NeXT tiffs", by Dale Amon
2001.01.04 14:03 "Re: NeXT tiffs", by Dale Amon

2001.01.03 16:09 "NeXT tiffs", by Dale Amon

Before I go and post detailed data, has the problem of NeXT tiffs come up, and if so are there work arounds available somewhere for massaging their tiff (sic) files into something more standard?

I have tiffinfo output from several different classes of NeXT tiff problems available if anyone is interested.

I'd really like to repair some of these. In particular I have files which were lost by NASA Ames in the original gif in a disk crash a couple years ago. My tiff conversions of them are the only ones of some files that exist still and they are unusable due to NeXT's tiff foolishness.

And besides those (a compression type that is not available), I've got lots of really neat icon files I want to use that are "directory not in ascending order". And a couple other strange mangles as well that need repaired. Quite a few thousand files actually...

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