1993.10.08 23:50 "tiff v:3.3", by Dan Seyb

I downloaded the tiff 3.3 (beta 2) version onto an RS/6000 using AIX 3.2. The the library and tools compiled with few, if any, problems.

There were only a couple minor glitches.

The libtiff "Makefile.aix" uses "cc" as the compiler, and the tools use "xlc". IBM being IBM, these are the same compiler with a couple options set different, but unless there is a reason why both need used, i suggest standardizing on one or the other.

Also, the tools makefile tried to use "bsdinstall", which i at least do not have at all. Replacing "bsdinstall" with "cp" per libtiff fixed that.

In limited testing, things seem to work OK.