2002.10.21 06:05 "converting C,M,Y,K seperated tiff to CMYK composite tiff", by pareshthakur

2002.10.21 14:02 "Re: converting C,M,Y,K seperated tiff to CMYK composite tiff (fwd)", by Dwight Kelly

If you are using the libtiff library, you will need to open the four input files, create an output file with PHOTOMETRIC_SEPARATED, SAMPLESPERPIXEL=8, and PLANARCONFIG either SEPARATED or CONTIG. If you choose CONTIG you will have to interleave the input pixelsl. For SEPARATED you will call TIFFWriteScanline 4 times for each scanline, incrementing the value of the color arg.

If you need a commercial application, our company has several products which will meet your requirements. Piktor and tiffcombine

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