2002.10.21 14:50 "writing raw data", by Mark Trueman


Ive used the algorithm and code in the Fax3Encode2DRow method in libtiffs tif_fax3.c file in my own method for encoding a tiff file. The difference is that i am using the algorithm to encode an array of white black run length values as opposed to the actual pixels in the scanline (not using the PIXEL or "finddiff" macros). My problem is that i cant get the encoded data to be written to the tiff file. Im not sure about how the putspan and putcode methods work and how to get the result of these calls into the tiff file. I can see that putspan and putcode end up calling the _PutBits macro but this doesnt seem to write the bits to the actual tiff file. I can send code if someone is willing to help me