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1993.12.30 16:37 "tiff v3.3 port to mac under THINK 6.01", by Alen Shapiro

I think I've done it. Its probably been done before and many times better but I guess its been done again!!.

If anyone is interested I've changed the mkg3states code to produce the large arrays as resource initialization code (for REZ or SAREZ). I've changed the code in tif_fax3.c to do a getresource on the large array data (now in the resource fork). Means that the compiler no longer gives up cos it is trying to initialize arrays greater than 32k. The built-in resource compiler in THINK 6.01 is broken so the resource code can be compiled with the old THINK 5.0 version of SAREZ.

If there is any interest I can package the code back up and ship it to someone. It is all implemented with #ifdefs.

If this has been ported and tested (on macs under THINK C elsewhere, please let me know where I can pick up a copy for comparison.


ps I'm having problems with printer/postscript errors when trying to print on the mac after a tif->ps conversion. Any clues...the error is in readhexdata.

--alen... trying to turn a SPARC into a FLAME