1994.02.09 10:52 "Decompressor code for lzw-raw strips (without using tifflib) ???", by Thies Arntzen


i'd like to be able to decompress rawstrips of a lzw compressed tiff-image myself, because i don't want to load the whole strip into memory and then decompress it (this is how tifflib does it) - rather than i want to decompress "on the fly" while still transmitting the image over a modem line.

so i read the raw compressed strip on a server side and transmit it over moidem, the client on the other side should read and decompress the image and i DON'T need tiff files to be created on the client side!!!

I just need the raw image data->

so, has anyone ever extracted the decompressor form the tifflib and made it work on a stream??