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2009.02.27 16:01 "Re: [Tiff] OT: Text layer possible in tiff format?", by Bob Friesenhahn

With good enough documentation and specification, as those other technologies have had, we could see the same diversity and healthy competition in rasterisation and compositing engines for PSD as transformed imaging industries post-PostScript.

> Nearly everyone (outside Adobe) would be happy to see PSD's primitives? > already a de facto standard of sorts, if reeking of lock-in? be made fully

interoperable. However Adobe seems to fear that kind of open-ness and it seems safe to predict it will never happen. Technical rationales for this are rather feeble compared to the powerful paranoia factor.

Are you saying that a 79 page poorly-formatted summary dump of enumeration names and structure layouts (many of which might not ever be actually used) is not sufficient to meet your needs? :-)

Or are you saying that Adobe should open-source the rendering engine used by this Photoshop software similar to the way Sun Microsystems open-sourced your favorite ZFS?

Thank goodness we still have TIFF!

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