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2002.10.13 12:16 "convert b/w tiff to jpeg", by Frank Murche
2002.10.13 12:31 "Re: convert b/w tiff to jpeg", by Rob Daykin
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2002.10.14 03:16 "Re: convert b/w tiff to jpeg", by Tom Lane
2002.10.14 08:35 "Re: convert b/w tiff to jpeg", by Andrey Kiselev

2002.10.13 12:31 "Re: convert b/w tiff to jpeg", by Rob Daykin

ok, quick and dirty:
you'll need to convert to 8 bit. So for each byte read in,

you'll need to bit shift it, and && it so that for each bit, you write out 1 byte, either FF or 00 to a temporary buffer. Then use that buffer to write the jpeg. But I would quietly predict that they look awful. I really can't see JPEG not messing up on b&w images.

Rob Daykin
Software Developer
Pindar Technologies

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