2002.07.09 05:55 "RowsPerStrip", by Arnar Mar Hrafnkelsson

2002.07.10 15:18 "Re: RowsPerStrip", by Jason Summers

Isn't it true that if TIFFIsTiled() returns false then the ROWSPERSTRIP tag _must_ be present?

Though it's listed in the TIFF specification as a "required" tag (for non-tiled images), RowsPerStrip is not actually required, because it has a default value. The specification says this about RowsPerStrip:

The default is 2**32 - 1, which is effectively infinity. That is, the entire image is one strip.

I have a file for which this is not true...

Another question is: Is it possible to use the TIFFReadRGBAStrip() method of reading images when ROWSPERSTRIP tag is set to -1?

Are you sure it isn't actually 2**32-1? RowsPerStrip is supposed to be either type LONG or SHORT, both of which are unsigned integers.