1993.09.24 16:05 "libtiff and MPW", by Ruedi Boesch

Nigel Rea writes
>handle the tricky files that MPW C chokes on. I just use it to compile
>the lzw stuff, and let MPW C compile the rest.

it is possible to compile Makefile.mpw with MPW C 3.3 (including mkg3states.c and tif_fax3.c). Some modifications are necessary (I could post my modified Makefile.mpw, if anybody is intersted). Here the important modifications:

  1. add "-model far" to the compiler-options
  2. add this in Makefile.mpw:

g3states.h ? mkg3states.c t4.h
        Link -model far -w -c 'MPS ' -t MPST ?
                mkg3states.c.o  ?
                {CLibraries}StdCLib.o ?
                {Libraries}Interface.o ?
                {Libraries}RunTime.o ?
                -o createmkg3states.MPW
        createmkg3states.MPW > g3states.h

I had also to increase the MPW-Shell memory partition to 14 MByte (yes,14000), otherwise tif_fax3.c runs out of global storage during the compilation.


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