1994.10.11 06:11 "Postscript to TIFF conversion", by Bobb Rosborough

1994.10.11 16:52 "Re: Postscript to TIFF conversion", by Fredrik Lundh

> Postscript to TIFF?

You may wish to check out Ghostscript from Aladdin Enterprises, available as GNU Ghostscript 2.6 (under the GNU licence), or as Aladdin Ghostscript (current version is 3.12). The latter supports Postscript Level 2 but must be licensed if it is to be used for commercial purposes. Both are able to convert a Postscript file into a multi-image TIFF-G3 (at least, not sure about G4).

Attaches an extract from the Aladding Ghostscript README.


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Ghostscript is a copyrighted work (Aladdin Enterprises owns the copyright); it is not shareware or in the public domain. Different versions of it are distributed with three different licenses:

- Versions entitled "Aladdin Ghostscript" are distributed with a license called the Aladdin Ghostscript Free Public License that allows free use, copying, and distribution by end users, but does not allow commercial distribution. You can always get the current version of Aladdin Ghostscript with this license by Internet FTP from




where NNNN is the version number. If you do not have convenient access to the Internet, Aladdin Enterprises can send you Aladdin Ghostscript on PC-compatible diskettes for a small fee; please contact Aladdin for more information. The address and phone number are given later on in this document. Please note that this is not "commercial licensing"; you are still getting free software, with no support and no warranty.

- Versions entitled "GNU Ghostscript" are distributed with the GNU General Public License, which allows free use, and free copying and redistribution under certain conditions (including, in some cases, commercial distribution). GNU Ghostscript versions are released approximately a year after the corresponding Aladdin Ghostscript version. You can always get the current version of GNU Ghostscript by Internet FTP from




or from any of the GNU distribution sites, such as ftp.uu.net:/systems/gnu or gatekeeper.dec.com:/pub/GNU; you can also get GNU Ghostscript on tape or CD-ROM from the Free Software Foundation. For a more complete list of sites, including sites outside the U.S., send e-mail to gnu@prep.ai.mit.edu.

- Versions of Ghostscript are also available for commercial licensing. See the next section for details.

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