2000.12.06 15:55 "Garbage for first write to TIFF", by Sean Finn

2000.12.07 16:45 "Garbage for first write to TIFF - nevermind", by Sean Finn

Ok, I figured out my own problem, but thought I would post in case someone else had this problem later:

I was calling TIFFWriteBufferSetup before calling TIFFWriteEncodedStrip. TIFFWriteEncodedStrip would then call BUFFERCHECK, which calls TIFFWriteBufferSetup. So I guess the flags that are set in this call were set up too early, and causing a problem. I really don't understand why this became a problem, but it did. So, removing the initial call of TIFFWriteBufferSetup has fixed the problem. Yeah me.

Thanks anyway,

Sean Finn