2012.09.11 13:58 "[Tiff] Delphi and WindowsXP problems", by Martin

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The problem is the Windows XP Image Viewer doesn't honor the PHOTOMETRIC tag. When it recognizes the compression of CCITTFAX4, it assumes that the photometric is MINISWHITE, thus the image is rendered as negative. It doesn't honor many other tags also, ie. image orientation. Since this has been fixed in Windows 7 Image Viewer, then it renders your image properly.


I use LibTiffDelphi to make a simple TIFF image (1bit only black and
white color).
My problem is this: on my windows 7 all works, I get a image with white
background and black lines (I draw some lines on TIFF).
On windows XP I get always black background and white lines...
I use always the some code:


Can you help me to understand the problem?