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2000.07.24 15:48 "TIFF Error handler", by Frank Warmerdam
2000.07.24 16:22 "Re: TIFF Error handler", by Sam Leffler
2000.07.25 08:43 "Re: TIFF Error handler", by Klaus Bartz

2000.07.24 16:22 "Re: TIFF Error handler", by Sam Leffler

I had expected the libtiff code to return from the TIFFReadEncodedStrip() (or whatever) with an error indicator set, but that isn't what happens.

However, at this point I am somewhat hesitant to change the behaviour without a better understanding of why it is the way it is now. In particular, I am afraid that lots of developers are now depending on the fax3/fax4 decompression code to be quite forgiving of errors, and to try and go on and recover. If that is so, my making these errors suddenly fatal may be quite annoying.

I am cc:ing this message to the libtiff mailing list to see if anyone else has an opinion on what we should do. As I see it the options are:

The current behaviour is important and shouldn't be changed lightly. When decoding real faxes you frequently get a few errors that are imperceptible and you want the decoder to continue and not bail. My HylaFAX software, for example, depends on this behaviour.

I'd suggest adding a new interface to get error statistics or perhaps an optional mode to terminate on an error (off by default).