2000.07.28 13:33 "Extracting previews", by Steve Roy

2000.07.28 13:33 "Extracting previews", by Steve Roy


I built and linked libtiff into my Macintosh application. It works fine. I can now read TIFF images from files and display them in a window.

Now what I really need to do is display TIFF previews extracted from EPS files. The EPS files are generated using various graphics program, such as QuarkXPress and Creator2.

Where can I find out how to extract the TIFF preview from the EPS file? I know the TIFF preview is preceeded with 'C5D0D3C6', but the data I see with my HEX editor doesn't look at all like TIFF data. I tried making a new file with this data and reading it but no software recognizes it as a TIFF file.

Thanks for any help,