2004.09.14 13:50 "[Tiff] Removing reduced resolution pages", by Han The Man

2004.09.15 23:00 "Re: [Tiff] Removing reduced resolution pages", by Frank Warmerdam

The subfiletype is 0x03 for page 2 and 4, but according to the TIFF 6.0 spec about "Subfiletype", 0x03 means "a single page of a multipage image".

Shouldn't TIFFINFO print 0x02 - "reduced-resolution image".

  Subfile Type: reduced-resolution image/multi-page document (3 = 0x3)

0x03 means the file has the FILETYPE_REDUCEDIMAGE *and* the FILETYPE_PAGE flags set for the subtype. This suggests that some of the IFDs in the file will be additional pages, and some will be reduced resolution versions (presumably of the preceeding non-reduced resolution image).

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