2008.04.25 16:52 "[Tiff] linker problem", by Vinay Ramdas

2008.04.25 21:16 "Re: [Tiff] linker problem", by Vinay Ramdas


Thanx a million. You are 100% right. Just in case it helps anyone, here is what i did in the build environment

set 386_STDCALL=0 ( 386 - cputype)
set cl=/Gd (cdecl calling convention)

and the build worked perfectly. C is surely not for me :)



Is there any change you compiled your project to use stdcall instead of cdecl calling conventions? The @4, @16 etc decorations in the unresolved symbols indicates the linker was looking for stdcall style functions while libtiff is normally compiled with the default cdecl calling convention which does not include the extra decorations.

It looks like /Gz is the VC++ switch that turns on stdcall conventions. You want to either avoid it in your project, or rebuild libtiff to include it.

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