2002.08.22 18:11 "Recover tiff file", by Agneta Johnér

2002.08.23 18:02 "Re: Recover tiff file", by Agneta Johner

Thanks for taking your time with my problem. The file was ok before it was copied to another location ( and unfortunately the original was removed!). When trying to open it in Photoshop I got the message "Can't open this tiff document because it contains to many bits". I tried the pmview tool ( found at www.pmview.com Peter Nielsen: thanks for the tip! ) and got the message"Unsupported data: Bits per sample =0"

I checked the tag info using a tool called Tagsviewer ( found at www.apago.com) and the info looked ok. Anybody interested can find the file here if you want to have a look: ftp://jbKund57:j6Eav6@ftp.johner.se

It's unfortunately pretty big ( 55 Mb), a smaller jpeg version is also present....

Thanks in advance!

Agneta Johnér