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1994.07.21 00:28 "Re: printing tiff", by Craig Jackson

There is indeed such a thing as a TIFF printer. Xionics markets a board which replaces the serial/parallel interface board in the printer. It looks for a TIFF header in the print stream on the fly. If it finds something that looks like a TIFF header, it treats the next bytes as a binary TIFF file, and prints it. The TIFF decode and decompression is done in hardware on the board. This is probably one of the fastest ways to print a bit image, as it is delivered to the printer in compressed binary.

Now, you'll want a way to contact Xionics. Well, I don't know it. I've dealt with the company that makes the boards for Xionics, and I saw the boards in a Xionics boot

Craig Jackson
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