1994.09.27 00:47 "v3.3 on ISC UNIX", by HostFax

1994.09.28 01:51 "Re: v3.3 on ISC UNIX", by Sam Leffler

I'm trying to install libtiff v3.3 on an Interactive Unix box (v3.0) with gcc v2.3.2. The problem is that the compiler never completes tif_fax3.c. It just sits there eating cycles. Has anyone ever seen anything like this? Ideas?

gcc version prior to 2.5.x (I believe) used a large amount of space for each initializer in an array. As a result the large state tables used by tif_fax3.c resulted in gcc needing very large amounts of virtual memory to compile the code.

Get a more current version of gcc and you should not see this problem.