2003.01.29 12:53 "tiffcp problems", by Ray Pixley

2003.02.07 01:37 "Re: tiffset.exe instructions (was Re: tiffcp problems)", by Ray Pixley


I received your tool, and it seems to work fine. Its a lot lot more than I expected, but I haven't had enough time to check for unintended consequences. So far, the ones I running into seem to be less of a bother than the photometric interpretation somehow being set or intrepreted wrongly. (Is there such a word? Oh well.) For example, most of my images, after being process by tiffcp and then your tifftweak, are coming out black letters on white now in both MS Imaging and MS Photo Editor. That's good. But some that were OK are becoming white letters on a black background in MS Imaging, yet still display OK in MS Photo Editor. What happens when they are "saved as" by either application is a whole 'nother story! I'm no quite sure yet why this behavior is occurring, but as I get more clues and hints from this list, I'm sure it'll be figured it out.

Thanks again for your help.