2002.07.14 10:52 "BMP2TIFF", by Calin Iulian

2002.07.15 09:32 "Re: BMP2TIFF", by Andrey Kiselev

I am looking for on creating an TIFF file from an BMP: I receive the BMP file as pointers to 64K bands of bits, and as I receive this bands I need to write them on a TIFF file.

I need to do this on Windows C 16 bits compiler, or 32 bits C/C++ compiler.

Can you give me some hints: example, technical support or library...

Your problem may be solved with ImageMagick toolkit. One containes `convert' utility to translate between various image formats:

convert BMP:<infile.bmp> TIFF:<outfile.tiff>

This toolkit provides library that may be used in your application. Those library works with many formats of raster images. Source code for ImageMagick available for free from ftp://ftp.wizards.dupont.com/pub/ImageMagick/

If you don't want to bother with ImageMagick, you may write BMP reader by yourself. It is not very complicated task, because format quite simple. For TIFF writing you should use libtiff labrary. Source code for libtiff bundled with sample tools available from http://www.libtiff.org. Makefiles for MS VisualC++ compiler included in the distribution.

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