1994.02.10 19:32 "LibTIFF working on MS-Windows 3.1.", by Soren Pingel Dalsgaard

1994.02.11 18:27 "Re: LibTIFF working on MS-Windows 3.1.", by Francois Gauthier

Good News! (for some, anyway :-)

I have been toying with LibTIFF for a long time,

I think this feature may prove useful when an application seeks to append images to an existing TIFF file on a machine that has different byte ordering than the original. This is not normally possible since the byte ordering is file wide.

Providing this feature in libtiff would in my view increase it's machine independence. It could make the append mode of TIFFOpen() more robust.


Francois Gauthier
X Development Departement
M3i Systems, Longueuil, Qc, Canada