2002.09.05 09:56 "Decode group4", by Jan Edmundson

2002.09.05 09:56 "Decode group4", by Jan Edmundson

Hi all,

I am currently in the process of creating a class implementation of the fax group 4 codec. I have a class namned CCodec with 2 methods Decode and Encode. I am focusing on the decoding bit at the moment. I have a hypothesis that the Decode method would be sufficently declared as follows:

Decode( BYTE* pDest, DWORD dwDestSize, BYTE* pSrc, DWORD dwSrcSize, DWORD dwRowSize );

Dest should be uncompressed and Src should be compressed.

Is there someone out there that has a special intrest in the tiff decoding? I have ripped code out of libtiff but would like to get a clearer picture of what some of the variables is for in libtiff group 4 decoding.