1994.02.10 19:32 "LibTIFF working on MS-Windows 3.1.", by Soren Pingel Dalsgaard

1994.02.11 01:16 "Re: LibTIFF working on MS-Windows 3.1.", by Richard Minner

more correct way for libtiff to do, I think, is to have these routines set a variable like TIFFerrno, The library should never report error messages on its own way. If it fails, return a failure. The application then check the error number, and report in what ever way it likes.

Not quite, because the messages are not simply "error 2: you lose" but rather contain very useful details of the circumstances of the failure. The current callback scheme is by far the preferred method for reporting diagnostics.

Currently, in the windows 3.1, we have to set error/warning handler anyway. I think to have them do nothing would be a good idea.

They should do nothing only #ifdef _WINDOWS; on other systems the defaults are useful.

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