2009.02.22 10:20 "[Tiff] losslessly wrap jpeg file into TIFF", by Zhang Weiwu

2009.02.25 06:30 "Re: [Tiff] Converting JPEG to Multipage TIFF", by

Richard Nolde schrieb about workflow in his business. [snipped]

Thanks very much for providing such detailed answer to everybody.

Since your post contain a lot of important information I have to try to

summarize them, especially because I am not an English native speaker.

Your idea summarize to me as:

  1. Being able to batch process (crop etc) all pages of a document is important for Richard's workflow; which is easier done with TIFF than with PDF.
  2. Adobe Reader being fat and slow is not the reason not to use PDF;
  3. Richard's own workflow produces PDF, instead of TIFF, although most steps are working with TIFF format where PDF is only used at last to wrap the PDF images.
  4. Ghostscript is used during his workflow, and Group4 tiff is converted to postscript in some steps, although purpose of this action is unclear to me (from the context it seems the purpose is to reduce size, as mentioned in the later part in the paragraph, however the last part of the same paragraph consider group-4 highly storage efficient format, then I am not sure of the purpose of converting to ps)
  5. Dropping unnecessary or un-important color information by either turning to bilevel or using indexed color could help to reduce size, which may work for the OP. (Unfortunately not, because I work with image (not text) documents in most of the cases.) This method is not often used by most commercial scanning software.
  6. Besides, whether or not lossless wrap jpeg in TIFF when workflow involve images being a good idea is not mentioned.