2009.02.25 08:01 "[Tiff] OT: Text layer possible in tiff format?", by

2009.02.27 19:15 "Re: [Tiff] OT: Text layer possible in tiff format?", by Bob Friesenhahn

On 27-Feb-09, at 1:30 PM, S Carlsen wrote:

> I would say "both." Start from a clean, well-thought-out, TIFF-ish

>> architecture -- one that is powerful enough to represent the graphics and >> text constructs that are found in a PSD/PSB file.

If only we knew exactly how they are represented and rendered, that might be possible. But we don't.

SVG captures quite a lot of the required rendering capability. Overlays could be represented via SVG. The main question then would be if the SVG is subordinate to the TIFF images, or if the TIFF images are subordinate to the SVG.

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