1994.10.21 15:50 "Problems catching write errors in tiff library (v3.3beta021)", by Ben Griffin

1994.10.21 17:12 "Re: Problems catching write errors in tiff library (v3.3beta021)", by Dan McCoy

On another subject, there was some talk earlier about rewriting the tiff library in C++. Any progress on this? Want any help?

This is a REALLY bad idea in my opinion. It works fine now in C. What is wrong now that a C++ library will fix?

I have lot's of existing code to support that is all in C and uses the TIFF library. I do not want to be forced into a whole new set of tools on the eight different platforms I have to support.

If you want to write tools in C++ that layer on top of a C library, fine. If you want to write a C++ class library that provides an object oriented interface to the library, fine. But save me a lot of heartburn and leave the basic library in C.

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