2002.06.20 16:25 "Photoshop 7 TIFF Jpeg compressed.", by Bruno Ledoux

Hi All,

I have PS7.0 tiff files compressed in jpeg which are not read by the actual distribution 3-5-7: it fails in the tiff_jpeg module in the JpegPredecode function saying that there is an improper sampling factor. Looking at older mails in the list I noticed that I was not the first one who was having this problem and that Frank (Warmerdam) had solved the issue. So I extracted the latest source (for the whole tifflib not only the tiff_jpeg) from the CVS repository and recompiled everything (on MacOS), now the problem is that I get a crash due to a buffer overflow (I don't remember in what module but it looks like a side effect). If someone is interested I can upload the tiff-jpeg file in question.