2003.01.29 12:53 "tiffcp problems", by Ray Pixley

2003.02.04 21:39 "Re: tiffset.exe instructions (was Re: tiffcp problems)", by Peter Montgomery


I have written the utility you are looking for so desperately. It's a commandline Delphi app that is passed two parameters:

  1. The name of the TIFF file to modify
  2. The new value for photometric interpretation. The only legal values are 0 (white is the minimum value) or 1 (black is the minimum value).

Since it is a console app, it can be called from a batch file. It returns 1 on success and 0 on failure. If you have any problems, let me know. I have attached it to the message I sent to you directly. I didn't attach it to the general posting since most members probably don't want it. If any do, just let me know.