2008.04.22 11:18 "RE: [Tiff] Interleaving images from multiple Tiff files", by Andrew Wan

2008.04.29 12:41 "[Tiff] TIFF split & merge", by Andrew Wan

I successfully wrote a C program to split & merge 2 large tiff files (where one of the original tiff file contains odd pages and the other contains even pages). Tools I used were tiffsplit & tiffcp.

The resulting output tiff file is quite large, over 300MB, but at least the directories are sorted in order (page 0, page 1, page 2, etc.). Now I want to shrink this to a reasonable size. I tried using tiff2pdf on the output.tif file and guess what. It created the PDF pages in date order... so now am back to the original problem (page 0, page 2, page 4, page 6.... page 1, page 3, page 5, page 7...). Is there any way to make tiff2pdf create the PDF in directory order?

Second query is: using the splitted tif files I thought to tiffcp convert each tiff into jpeg. So I used

 tiffcp.exe -c jpeg:r 000.tif 000.jpg

but I get this message:

JPEGSetupEncode: RowsPerStrip must be multiple of 8 for JPEG.000.jpg: Error, can't write strip 0.

Can someone enlighten me in what this means and how to solve this? Am a newbie to this jpeg/tiff inner-tech.


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