2002.07.17 13:14 "Question about TIFF/JPEG2000", by Dwight Kelly

2002.07.17 22:29 "Re: Question about TIFF/JPEG2000", by Dwight Kelly

Earlier today I wrote:

I just got an ad from Leadtools where they claim to support "TIFF with JPEG 2000 compression." Does anyone know about this extension of the TIFF format?

I download the LeadTools sample program and decoded the tags. Leadtools has defined a new value for Compression tag for JPEG2000 (34712). Strangely, the Photometric is Indexed instead of RGB and there is also a ColorMap tag.

BitsPerSample = 8
Compression = 34712
Photometric = Indexed
SamplesPerPixel = 1
PlanarConfig = contig