2002.08.22 22:17 "Problem Reading MultiPage TIFFs", by Steven Luke

2002.08.22 22:39 "RE: Problem Reading MultiPage TIFFs", by George Rypysc

For the page counting code, I'll refer you to the sample code at http://www.libtiff.org/libtiff.html#Dirs which is basically:

do {
   } while (TIFFReadDirectory(tif));

Your code will give one less page than there really is or a count of 1 if you happen to forget the "!".

One last thing (related probably). I have also had trouble counting the pages in the TIFF. I was using this code:

{ TIFFReadDirectory (tif);
} while (!TIFFLastDirectory (tif));

but it would only give me a count of 1 (saying my first directory is my last one). But I know that the image had 20 pages to it.

I hope that helps with your page reading problem.

George Rypysc
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